How to get Tally Support using ‘Support Centre’?

Do you need support about Tally.ERP 9? We have a default option in Tally to interact with the tally support team. You can easily contact Tally Customer Care, contact E-mail support, chat with Tally Support Team and contact your local tally partner for help using ‘Support Center’.

Go get an answer about your queries, you can select the partner, or it will automatically go to Tally support team. Support Centre saves questions asked by clients using E-mail, Chat, Telephone and Tally.ERP 9, plus the whole interaction chain for each query can be tracked as well.

The whole system makes users able to check out his previous answers as well as other people’s problem and solutions.

OK, now come at the point, How to get tally support using Tally Support Center?

1. Open Your Tally.ERP 9 Software; you will see a button ‘Support Center’ on the top. Click on it, or press ‘Ctrl+H’


2. The screen will show a list of queries, and the current date queries will be in blue color.

3. If you want to post a New Issue in Support Centre, Press ‘Alt+N’ or click ‘N: New Issue’ to open ‘Post Your Support Query’ screen.


4. You can now select a partner from whom you want to get the answer.

Please Note that: You can select ‘New Service Partner’ to search your nearest partner based on location. The ‘Service Partner’ is a partner from whom you have either purchased Tally.ERP 9 or have a service contract with.

5. Enter the title of your query in ‘Subject’, query details in ‘Description’ and Press ‘Enter’ to save.

6. Once you get to answer to a query, you can post a reply as follows: Select the responded query. Press ‘Alt+R’ or click ‘R: Reply’ to open ‘Post Your Response’ screen. Enter your reply details in the ‘Description’ and press ‘Enter’ to send the reply. The reply mail will get listed on the Support Centre query list instantly.


Support Center Screen is having several options to show the query list. It shows the list of queries with their respective date of posting, subject, the selected partner, mode of posting by default, and you can also check the status of the query.

Here, each query has a unique ID called ‘Ticket number’, and the Ticket summary for the selected query is displayed on the right side on the screen. Hope you got it now!


Do you have still anything to know about getting support from Tally Center? Just let us know commenting below! We will be happy to answer every single question! If you want to get support from us over the phone, just make a call. We will try our best. 🙂

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