10 reasons why Tally is the best accounting software in Bangladesh

If you are doing some business and you are continuously increasing and developing your business on the national and international stage, then you must require having perfect accounting software. The software should be such which can help you in developing your business as well as keep record of everything. That software must offer you stability, power, better rates and also adjust quickly according to your company. So now if you are worried that how can you find all these qualities in single software then do not worry at all because Tally.ERP was just designed to fulfill all these needs. It can be said without any doubt that, Tally.ERP 9 is the best accounting software in Bangladesh. Following are some of the main benefits (or you can check the features of Tally.ERP 9 from here.) that you can drive by using this accounting software.


  • Easy Maintenance: First and the most important advantage that you can have by using this software is that you will be able to maintain (you even don’t need our maintenance service!) it easily. It was not easier than that before, but now with Tally you can easily run the package yourself.
  • Complete Answer: The second advantage that you can have by using Tally.ERP is that you will be able to find complete answers. You can see that most of the big business owners are now demanding this software because of its easy control.
  • Modules: You can easily keep a check and maintain the record of your purchase and sale to any specific customer. Tally will keep all the record without any difficulty and trouble.
  • Internet Support: The biggest advantage you will have is that you can use the internet option too. Through this you will be able to move your offline data trough HTTPS, SMTP,ODBC, HTTP,FTP and others like that.
  • Reliable, Quick and User Friendly: One thing that will attract you a lot about Tally.ERP is that it is very much user friendly, quick and reliable to perform its task. You can check its speed while doing extensive and complex accounting assignment at quick pace.
  • Various Language Supports: One thing that attract the international companies to choose Tally is its multi language support. You can see that it can perform its task in different languages (it even works in Bangla!) so this makes it easy for multinational companies to work on this software.
  • Object Oriented Database: Tally is having a fully operational object leaning database. In the latest versions of this program there is more database management system involved that move a step ahead than competitors.
  • Unique Features: There are certain special features that Tally.ERP possess, which none of its competitors has. First of all you will be able to follow the whole process easily without any difficulty. You can also take its help to find some really quality alternatives.
  • Safety Choices: One thing that every business owner would want is to make sure that his data will be secured and no one can get access of his data. So while using Tally.ERP you must have the full confidence that all your data and stories that are using will be fully protective through the safety features of this program.
  • Visual Analysis and LAN set-up: You can also step up your accounting software using LAN connection. With this you will be able to show your accounting reports to the world wide audience through your internet options. With this you can also connect all the branches with your head office. You can also use the graphical manifestation device to create the graphical analysis.
  • It’s affordable: Most of the accounting and ERP software available in Bangladesh is really expensive and most of the time, it’s unaffordable for small business. However, Tally.ERP 9 is such software that can meet all of your requirements and it’s really affordable.

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